Electric Mixers…


The electric mixer to me is one of the best innovations that has been made. I think that this is is one of the best innovations because I LOVE to bake and make sweet treats, so this is one of my most used appliances besides the oven.

Electric mixers was patented in 1856 by Baltimore, Maryland tinner Ralph Collier. This then got picked up by E.P. Griffith’s who made a whisk patented in 1857 in England. Then came a hand-rotary egg beater patented in 1859 by J.F and E.P Monroe in the US. The first electric mixer with a motor was rumoured to be invented by American Rufus Eastman in 1885, The Hobart Manufacturing Company was one of the first manufacturers of large commercial mixers. in 1908 Herbert Johnson invented to stand mixer. This inventions came from watching bakers making bread dough with a metal spoon. By 1915, his first 20 gallon mixer could be seen in most large bakeries, and by 1919 Hobart made the Kitchen Aid Food Preparer for domestic use.


This is a vintage egg beater with a hand crank .


A hand-held electric mixer.


A kitchen aid stand mixer.

Image result for hobart mixer

A Hobart Stand Mixer.

I believe that this innovation was so important because its made bakers lives 100x easier and helped people at home with making their own treats. This is also such an amazing innovation that now most households have one in their kitchen.

“How does it affect me?”

This machine affects me because I want to become a baker or get into the pastry industry so this is a HUGE help and gives me less arm sores. I also make cakes and cookies for orders, which usually consists of many batches. I have a kitchen aid mixer and this really does all the heavy work for me and makes my job 10x easier.


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