Diets and Dietary Restrictions

I chose a Pescetarian diet for this diets and dietary restriction blog. Pescetarians are just vegetarians but  I wanted to do this because I was already planning on doing no meat for lent. I’ve done this for Lent a couple of times throughout the years and decided to do this again.

I created a 3 day Pescetarian diet:

Menu for 3 days

Day 1:



For breakfast I had Nutella on Toast with a glass of lactose Milk



For lunch I got pizza, this pizza had mushrooms and shaved truffles on it.



For dinner I had pan fried trout, sauteed Asparagus and Filipino Pancit, which has glass noodles, cabbage, carrots, celery and usually chicken but I opt-ed out on the chicken.

Day 2:




For Breakfast, I had these blueberry muffin’s I made in my Baking for cooks class.



For lunch, I had this ricotta and blueberry jam on top of this rye toast.

Dinner:IMG-20190318-WA0005 (1).jpg

For dinner I had Fish n Chips with a coleslaw

Day 3:


IMG-20190318-WA0002 (1).jpg

For breakfast I had a cinnamon bun, lol, this obviously isn’t the healthiest thing but it was delicious.


IMG-20190318-WA0004 (1).jpg

For lunch, I had a seafood chowmein


IMG-20190318-WA0003 (1).jpg

For Dinner, I had Grilled Octopus

I would continue this lifestyle normally, but because I live with my family still and we all have dinner together and not everyone wants to only eat fish and not any meats or game its hard.


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