Ginger Beer

This week I chose to make Ginger Beer. I chose this because, I honestly thought that it would taste like Gingerale, but it actually doesn’t and isn’t that sweet but it does have the fizzy-ness of Gingerale or any pop.

The raw ingredients that I used were raw grated ginger, bakers yeast and Lemon juice and zest.

When I first had to let the carbonation out, the pressure was so strong. When I got the cap off the pressure was so strong and that the carbonation being produced from the yeast built up over night and almost blew up like a volcano. I had to close and open the cap during this just to not let all of the bubbles out.

I put it in the fridge after 2 days because the recipe says if you want a sweeter ginger beer to slow fermentation after 2 days and a drier ginger beer after 3 days.

When I first tried it, it tasted alot lile ginger kombucha which I actually like. After drinking just one glass I felt my stomach cramping but it was probably because I’ve never had homemade ginger beer or kombucha also I had just ate dinner.

Nobody in my family really wanted to try it for me so I had to be the lab rat. After I took a sip and told my dad that it was pretty good, I tricked him into taking a big gulp of it 😂. He didn’t like it much, he’s also not much of a kombucha/ “probiotic” type of drinks especially one that grow and frement.

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