Trying something new….


Left is a Granadilla, a product from Colombia and on the right is a Persimmon.

I chose these fruits because:

  1. Their names were interesting to me and,
  2. When looking them up I was intrigued by pictures and how the flavour of them were discribed.

The Granadilla 


These are also reffered to as passion fruits when I was looking them up.

This tasted very bitter but also sweet and tangy. The seeds are edible and so is the membrane around them, much like pomergrante and passion fruit. The smell of it, smell much of grapefruit, like that citrusy smell. and the texture of the outside was firm, hard shell, a soft flesh and a slime like consistency of the seeds.

This fruit out of the 2 was not my favourite, I found it a little weird to be eating a soft, gooey membrane and then crunch into a hard, tarte seed. I also found it a bit bitter.

The Persimmon


This fruit I actually really liked.

The smell is very light and mild. The taste was sweet, almost candy like and the texture was soft enough to bite through but not too soft that its mushy in a way. Out of the 2 I really enjoyed this one and would re-buy it!

I made my whole family try both of them and this is what they said:


Mom- “ew nope… i don’t like it” (She didn’t even try it… just from the look of it she didn’t want it)

Dad- “Oh okay… its like passion fruit!” (My dad is the more adventurous out of my parents)

Brother- “uhhh… its okay….” (He had the smallest bite if it ever)

Sister- “ew no that looks gross”


Mom- “oh okay this is good! it’s sweet!”

Dad- “Its alright… its not that sweet..” (I told him it was kind of like a cotton candy sweetness from it, I guess we have different sweet tastebuds)

Brother- “its good…” ( He again took the smallest bite out of it…)

Sister- she ate like 4 slices of this, so I guess she liked it

I really enjoyed this and thought it was fun to try new things! I would definately do it again with different types of food, like cuturally different cusines!


2 thoughts on “Trying something new….

  1. Hello Mykaila, interesting how different fruits can be, and also our perceptions before or after trying them. WHat kind of applications do you think you can use the granadilla and persimmons in? Did you find out their place of origin and what seasonality they may have?


    1. I’ve seen the persimmons with prosciutto like melon and prosciutto, since the persimmon is sweet the prosciutto pairs well with the salty-ness of it. I have also see the persimmons as a dessert as baked persimmons and ice cream. For the Granadilla there is a granadilla fridge tart recipe that sounds interesting there are also sorbets and curd recipes. Persimmons origins started in Asia, the first persimmon seeds that came to America came from Japan in 1856 and Granadilla originated from Africa and Australia but they are now very popular in new Guinea and are referred to as sugar fruit! The granadilla seems to be an all season kind of fruit (in season throught summer to winter) and for the persimmon they are a fall fruit and are picked during the fall. Sorry I forgot to add that into the blog.


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